Product Design and Development

- Concept To Prototype Development

- Manufacturing solutions

Concept To Prototype Development

CREO TECH recognises the importance of the product design and development process from concept stage to product launch and through the product lifecycle. Good design has helped CREO TECH’s customers respond better to common business challenges and helps businesses to:

  • Make products more competitive. It keeps production costs down but allows higher end user pricing.
  • Keeps users happy, encouraging loyalty and leading to recommendation of products to other end users and other businesses.
  • Develop the power of the brand. A strong brand identity encourages end users to trust existing products and to try new ones.

CREO TECH has worked with a wide range of independent designers or customer design staff in developing new products from the concept stage. The diversity of the projects on which CREO TECH has been engaged is spectacular, with concepts ranging from engineering parts to textile machinery and food industry.

At Concept & Prototype Development the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

With our wide range of products and services, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. If you require assistance, our qualified staff is ready to provide you with expert guidance.

Manufacturing solutions

CREO TECH Manufacturing Solutions focuses on offering cost-effective and total solutions in the field of manufacturing engineering. A pioneer in its area of expertise, CREOTECH's international-standard technology and its talented team of professionals make it a premier player in the machine tools and equipment-building industry.

CREOTECH has vast experience on new product development, product continual improvement and product sustenance programs. The wide portfolio of solutions from concept evaluation phase through manufacturing support till testing and commissioning positions us as a preferred engineering partner.

Our differentiator:

  • Product innovation and performance enhancement
  • Product localization expertise
  • Shortening lead time and design cycle
  • Aggressive cost reduction through VAVE ownership model

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