Mechanical Engineering

- Value Analysis And Value Engineering

- Reverse Engineering

Value Analysis And Value Engineering

We follow a structured process at CREO TECH for value analysis and value engineering (VA/VE) to eliminate unwanted features and reduce weight as well as cost. This technique also aims to improve the functionality and performance of the product or subsystem. Our approach towards VA/VE covers multiple aspects such as:

  • Weight optimization: design study and identification of optimization opportunities.
  • Feature enhancement: functional study of product, subsystems and parts
  • Performance improvement: validation of product performance aspects and identification of improvement opportunities

Quick facts

  • Dedicated team of some 5 VA/VE professionals
  • Up to 20% cost and weight optimization achieved for clients across industries

How We Can Help

  • Extensive experience across industries in digitizing a wide range of products from cubic millimeters to cubic meters.
  • Experience in developing surfaces for products with complex shapes and contours with an accuracy of 10 microns.
  • Expertise in understanding product design intent and prescribing suitable materials.

Reverse Engineering

We adopt a reverse-engineering process at CREO TECH that holistically captures product design information such as dimensions, features, material properties and performance parameters. To execute this, we combine shop-floor mechanical skills and advanced computer-aided tools. Based on the captured information, we help our clients identify the design intent of a product and deliver manufacturing drawings.

Our process comprises:

  • Feature analysis: detailed study to determine the technical features and functional aspects of the equipment.
  • Digitalization: a systematic process that employs advanced 3D scanning to measure complex dimensions of components.
  • Material analysis: study of equipment material and metallurgical properties.
  • Performance testing: inspection of functional performance parameters.
  • CAD model building: creation of parametric 3D CAD models, BoM and conformance check to ensure the manufacturability of the models and drawings.
  • Manufacturing drawing: creation of drawings with DFM and DFA considerations.

Quick facts

  • Accomplished 12 successful reverse-engineering projects across multiple industries.
  • Strong metallurgical test centers, metrological laboratories and scanning centers for advanced material and metrological analysis.

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